Sunday, August 4, 2013


I'm linking up with Farley for the first time and posting my August Currently! If you haven't already, head on over to her blog and join up...with the other 500 people! :) 

{LISTENING} Ok. So I watch ALL the Real Housewives. It's a guilty pleasure. Kind of like honey Boo Boo! It really makes me feel better about the non existent drama in my life! You know you watch it too!! ;-)

{LOVING} My new fossil watch! Ok. So I may have a watch problem. This is my SEVENTH Fossil watch to date, but it's better than having a Michael Kors problem, right?? I mean, if I wasn't a teacher and could afford MK, I would totes have a bazillion of his! I have been wanting a black watch because, well, that's about the only color I didn't own! HA! Anyways, what do you think? I'm pretty pumped about it.

{THINKING} This is going to be a challenging year for me for many reasons that I probably shouldn't post on the Internet.  I am going to have the best attitude that I can and try my best every day that I walk in my classroom. I know that this will be a huge year of growth and learning for me as an educator and I am looking forward to meeting my sweet firsties! ::deep exhale::

{WANTING} I mean I really REALLY need to get my classroom done this week so I can focus on my lesson plans and activities for the first few weeks of school! Not to mention I need to get my meet the teacher materials together. Sheesh, where does the time go!?

{NEEDING} Enough said: infinite time and denero! I think this is every teachers pain! So little time and money to do what we need and want to do in our classrooms! We CAN do it! :)

{B2S Must Haves}

1. Flair Pens -- I am all stocked up and ready to go!
2. White Zinfandel -- Sometimes we just need a glass of wine to simma down!
3. Regan Tunstall's Teacher's Math Resource Units! They are awesome and are going to help me keep my math instruction in check all year long!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I am off to take the little bro to hit some golf balls, work in my classroom a bit, and then help Zac study for an English placement test he takes tomorrow! Prayers for him will be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Oh how I wish I can wiggle my nose and lesson plans be DONE! :)

    The Teaching Twosome

    1. Wouldn't that be AMAZING?! Thanks for reading. I'm headed over to your blog now! :)

  2. A new watch! I am loving new watches, maybe I will get one too! I buy a new pack of Flair pens every year, even though I don't need them, lol. White Zinfandel is a must!!! I am your newest follower thanks to Farley's rule of 3. Have a blessed school year!

    1. I say go for it! Treat yourself before school starts! :) Thanks for following me, I'm headed over to your blog now! :)


  3. You had to say WATCH...and today I am going to be right next to the Fossil store...good thing I'm broke or I would be right there!
    I too have a watch addiction...shhhhh
    I hope your year is less frustrating than last (I'm inferring from your post) I can remember not feeling like I knew what the heck I was doing or doing it right until my 5th year teaching, all those veterans make it look easy...I so get it!
    Good luck with your blog, I started mine last year and I like it, when I remember to take pictures of the activities in my classroom...I think I will assign that as a job this year, a blogger reminder like to be famous! (lol)
    Have a great year!