Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My 1st TPT Item!

Hello blogger buddies! This made me laugh! I feel like all I have been doing is blogging, working on TPT documents, Instagramming, and pinning on Pinterest here lately!

And..ahem...speaking of TPT items...I have some EXCITING news!!!

Oh-my-lanta, y'all!!! I am SO excited that I have just uploaded my very first TPT product! Please tell me I am not the only dweeb here!

Are you a Whole Brain Teacher? I discovered WBT about 3 years ago and am IN LOVE with this teaching method! Last year was the first year that I was really comfortable with this style of teaching. My oh MY did I see a difference in my students learning and engagement throughout the year! If you haven't heard of it, google it! I highly recommend researching and learning about it! I started by watching a million few videos on YouTube and went from there. A few videos I recommend are: Miss Freundlich- She is AMAZING! Mrs. Shipley- Kindergarten? Say WHAT?? :) And multiple, multiple more!! Chris Biffle, the WBT originator, even has a channel! YouTube and Pinterest are overflowing with WBT videos and ideas!

The product that I have uploaded is the WBT classroom rules. This year I am doing a super leader theme to go along with the leader in me program that my school is implementing. If you're intrested, hop on over to my TPT store using the link below and feel free to use my FREE product! All I ask is that if you download it, please follow me on TPT! I know I don't have much right now to offer, but in the next few weeks I will have much more super leader themed products to share with you! EEK! I am having a total dork moment. Judge me all you want! ;-)

Thanks for reading & happy almost Wednesday! 

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